Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Field Day 2009

Hannah age 9
Mr.Saylor's Third grade class
Hannah's class received second place in the team events.

Emily age 6
Mrs. Camillitti's Kindergarten class
Emily's class received first place ribbons for the team events.
Emily doing the soccer kick. She scored twice!
The hippity hop race

Water/sponge relay. Who will fill their bucket first?
The drinking water relay. Chug it Em!

Basketball toss

Giant soccer ball race. Smile Em :)
Emily & her friend Hailey
Emily, Marianna & Megan lining up for the
backwards race.
Emily from day one of kindergarten said that she was not
participating in field day. But after a little coaxing
she did ALL the events. We were so proud!
Hannah and her buddies Alyssa and Mackenzie

Hannah and the balloon POP! Believe it or not her bony
butt wouldn't pop that balloon.
Water sponge relay
Hannah going up against Lindzy in the
giant soccer ball relay
Chugging the water in the drinking relay.
I'm not sure that is something the school
should be promoting.LOL
Basketball toss
Hannah in the backwards race

All Hannah talked about for months was the class tug of war.
(An event that only the upper class men participate in...
aka the big and mighty Third graders )
The kids getting ready to grab the rope
and PULL .
What an awesome day for the kids.
The sun was
The parents were
And the school rented a snow cone machine which was.....Priceless!!!

Andrew & Ava turn 2!!!

I can hardly believe that it has been 2 years since Andrew and Ava made their way into the world in grand fashion! They have came a long way from the 5 pound preemies too small to even sit in their swings. So in honor of another year under are belts, we planned a big celebration at the Pump it Up. " Happy Birthday Ava!!!"
" Happy Birthday Andrew!!"
Their favorite gifts... can you guess what they are?
Looks like he is actual reading it!
Dainty little Ava
ohhh a truck!
Andrew preparing to jump

Ava did not appreciate being told she had to wait in line.
I think she gets that look from her dad!
Ava was a total maniac on the slides...
She kept saying.. AGAIN....AGAIN!!
What a workout!
Andrew was too keen on the slides. But he loved to
jump in the ball pit.
Ava & Lilly tossing the balls
Group photo
( note the hand pointing and yelling for someone
to sit down . Can you guess to whom we are referring?)

" We want cake!"
Getting ready to blow out the candles
Ava getting ready to BLOW..
Bubby chowing on some ice cream!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We took the twins..... and Lilly to the Akron Zoo to celebrate the babies birthday. We had a big birthday bash planned for that weekend but we thought we still should do something special with them on the actual day. So we picked up Lilly and headed to the zoo. The Hitchings' triplets...
Lilly was all about feeding the goats.
Ava was not so sure!
Andrew peeking...but he refused to feed them. We would walk
up and toss the food from several feet away . That's my
tough boy!
Daddy sharing his slushy. Did he even get a bite???
mmmmm good!
Ava has this way of saying everything with her eyes.
The jellies
Lil & Ava checking out the jellies.
Andrew being a HAM with Grandma!

How can you not love that silly boy??
Munching some lunch

Checking out some animals

Lilly & Aunt Mel
Daddy's girl
Andrew& Daddy
A look is worth a thousand words..

What a great day!