Saturday, February 7, 2009

Messy... messy..messy

The best part of having twins is that they are an instant playgroup. That of course has it's ups and downs. Andrew tends to lead Ava down the wrong path and straight into trouble. The old saying is correct. "Be careful what you wish for!!" I finally have the boy I wanted so bad and let me tell you... He reminds me everyday that he is ALL boy. The other day I found Andrew (aka Bubby) and Ava covered in blue markers. I asked Ava who had made such a mess? She responded in her ever so little voice " Bubby did!". I guess Ava's only saving grace is that where Andrew is clearly a more physical wild and crazy boy, my little Ava is an intelligent little talker. She can just blame it all on her brother. Let the tattle telling begin!

Why not just dump out all the toys and watch the big screen in the buckets!
And that's why my house is always messy...messy..messy!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Where We've been...

Two years ago I begged my husband to try one more time to have a boy. At the time we had Hannah who was 7 and Emily who was 5. Then in December of 2006 we got the shock of a lifetime. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was pregnant with twins! Holy crap what the heck were we going to do? We soon settled into the idea and they were born May 21st. Six weeks premature they both did their share of time in the NICU. But soon we found ourselves getting into the swing of life with four kids! Now a year and a half later I couldn't imagine life without the twin terrors. Everyday gets a little more CRAZY!
Do you know how much laundry twins generate in a single year of life?

Valentines Day 2007

My babies!

Drew & Ava turning 1. Celebrating the longest year of my life. Sleep after all is very overrated!