Monday, December 28, 2009

The First Snow of the YEAR!

So the children waited and waited for the first snow of the year. Finally with the ground covered with less than an inch of snow I finally caved in and let them go out to play. Do you have any idea how much work it is to bundle 4 kids in layers upon layers of clothes??
I started with Andrew.. After I had dressed his sisters I turned to look at him and realized that he had stripped off all his clothes!
"My clothes hurt me!

And if your thinking how could they possibly move?

The answer is... THEY COULDN'T"T!

That looks fun Emily..LOL

Snow Angels on the deck??

Hannah teaching Ava how to build a snowman
Not a bad snowman for 1 inch of snow!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Cooties.. oops I mean Cookies!

Baking Christmas cookies with 4 kids ( half of which are under the age of 2) is quite an experience! As you will see from the pictures that if you are offered a cookie from the Hitchings house it is best to just refuse.. LOL
For some reason the first thing Andrew decided to do is take the flour and cover his face in it . It appeared as if he was pretending to splash cologne on himself. It was priceless!
The whole gang getting into the mess!

Making some tasty cut-outs

This is my personal favorite. Would anyone like a little stinky feet with their cookie?

Love the expressions!
No Bubby.. You can't eat them yet!

Andrew and Ava getting into the action
Em says " I guess I shouldn't of wore black!"

This was the first time the girls have used a rolling pin. They didn't even know what it was. Guess their mom's not a baker?
Time to icing! Note the licking has already begun.
Hannah takes after her mom with her artistic ability.
Emily's tongue has moving a million miles per hour as her little fingers spread the sprinkles.
Note the bite out of the cookie already??
yumm yummmy!
I think they had more on their face then their cookies


And the AFTERMATH of the Hitchings cookie experiment!