Sunday, August 2, 2009

Water Works

I took the kids and a couple of their friends to this new park with a giant water play playground.
It took my wimpy children a few minutes to figure out that water was not going to squirt their eyes. But once they felt safe.. it was a free for all!


Ava getting her feet wet

Lilly and Ava cooling off
Hannah hiding from the big splash of water

Note the goggles!! Why are my kids so wimpy about
water in their eyes?
Oh wait ....they take after me!
Look about below...

Hanny banany

The Hitchings and The Senderak's keeping it cool
Double trouble!
And I have no idea who the strange girl was that invaded my shot
and threw water on me! That's what you get at a public park...

The Akron Racers

The softball team celebrated their winning season with an outing to an Akron Racers game. The Akron Racers are a professional women's softball team in Akron. They play their games at Firestone Stadium which is the stadium the girls played their championship game. The girls thought that they were SO cool because they had also played on that field. While walking to the concession stand we were stopped by a gentleman who asked the group of girls "Didn't you guys win the quad county championship?" Talk about an ego booster! They were floating!!