Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Norton Panthers Win the 8U Championship

The Norton 8U girls fast pitch team finished their season 17-0. They played their final game in at the Firestone Stadium under the lights. What an exciting year! Hannah posing at the home plate.
The teams meeting with the umpire before the start of the game
The Hannah Hitchings Cheering Squad!!
Wooohoo go #11!!!
Emily in a world of her own
Hannah making a killer throw from third
Scoop it up!
Hannah's first at bat she got a double!
I love the intense look on her face!Although they look more like the bad news bears ... what a
tough little team they turned out to be.

Happy Fourth of July!!!

The Hitchings Family July 4th 2009

Portage Lakes Fireworks 2009

It had been a tradition that I take the kids to the fireworks at Portage Lakes since Hannah was a baby. The major draw back of having a husband who is a cop is that he has worked and will work every 4th of July fireworks for the rest of our life. (Well someone has to direct all that traffic!! hehe..) So the big debate begins. Do I try to take all four of my children by myself to the fireworks?? I have always said from the day the twins were born ..would I do it if I would of only had one? Don't get me wrong dragging 2 year old twins around with you isn't always a picnic. But I feel that they should never miss out because it isn't as easy with two! So we picked up Meg & Lilly and off we went. It was an awesome 35 minute display.
Emily getting ready.
Me & Andrew at his FIRST fireworks
Me & Ava at HER first fireworks...LOL
ohh Andrew could you be any funnier?
Before the show started I was pointing out the boats on the lake to Andrew.
Boats.. boats...he was chattering over and over and over.
Then finally with the first crack of the fireworks he froze... paused for a minute.... and began screaming and clapping.. ..the boats...the boats.. ..
"Where'd the boats go??" he would say between the booms.
"There the boats!!" he would scream as they exploded in the sky.
hehe... ONLY ANDREW!
Emily & Lilly
Hannah... and yes it was freezing in July??
Ava eating her McDonald's ( another part of our tradition)

Splish Splash...

OK I know what your all thinking .... Why are all the pool pictures of just the babies???
Where are Hannah & Emily??
And the answer??
They are never above water!!!

Hannah and her world class belly flop
I think one day I'll share this picture with her future boyfriend.
Nothing like a cute girl in a bikini and GOGGLES??
My children are fishes as long as they never let ANY water come near their eyes.
Emily and her cannonball
I don't know what that dive is??
the flying fish...

Double Dipping

Summer has finally arrived and the Hitchings' pool is open . And it's time for the twin terrors to hit the water. It took them both a few minutes to warm up to the idea but now they absolutely love the water. Ava thinks that she can swim and gets mad when you hold her ( but of course she will sink straight to the bottom when you let go). Guess it's time for some swim lessons..

Ava has a lot to learn about BOYS!

Dear sweet Ava from day one has followed her brother everywhere he went. Many times he has lead her down the wrong path and straight into trouble. Perfect example.... Andrew has a fascination with the girls 4-wheeler. He doesn't understand why I wont let him ride it alone. He will jump on it and then demand I sit down so he can take off! YA RIGHT!
Ava then of course jumps right on the back and gets ready to roll. As you can see by her expression and her grasp on her "BUBBY", she has complete trust in him.
And can't you just imagine what would happen if he had the key????
Love the look on her face now!
Silly girl boys are nothing but trouble.

The Zoo...Again

Hannah & Emily celebrating the end of the school year
with a trip to the Akron Zoo
The Hitchings' Crew

Hannah and Emily at the touch tank

My girls
The babes checking out the mountain goat.
Sweet Ava
What an awesome day!